Public Announcement of Rumi Mosque on Eid Al Adha 2020

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Public Announcement of Rumi Mosque on Eid Al Adha 2020

As Salaamu Alaikum,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are truly happy to announce that the Eid Al Adha 2020 will be inshaAllah on Friday 31st of July. The capacity of the prayer hall due to the strict social distancing rules amid Covid-19 each jamaah is only 85 (75 men & 10 women) Please do not feel offended if we are full and cannot accept you into the prayer hall.

The online Khutbah of Eid Prayer will be broadcasted on our Youtube channel at 9 15am and the online Khutbah of Jumuah Prayer at 1 30pm ( )

The Eid Prayer Time Table
1st Jamaah 7 00am
2nd Jamaah 7 45am
3rd Jamaah 8 30am
4th Jamaah 9 15am
5th Jamaah 10 00am

The Jumuah Prayer Time Table () *
1st Jamaah 1 30pm
2nd Jamaah 2 15pm

Please note:
-Make wudhu at home as toilets are closed
-Bring your own prayer mat, face mask and shoe bag (one way flowing in the hall)
-Only people aged between 12 and 70 is allowed to join
-Sisters welcome in any jamaah

  • We will have only two jamaah for Jumuah prayer since the day of Eid coincides with Friday, then whoever prays Eid with the imaam does not have to attend Jumu’ah (it is not obligatory on him); in his case Jumuah Prayer becomes Sunnah. If he does not pray Jumu’ah, he has to pray Zuhr.

Please forward this message to your contacts.

Eid Mubarak in advance

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