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Assalamu Alaikum
“Sadness at the loss of innocent lives”

The North London Council of Mosques network would like to express its deep sadness for the loss of innocent lives in Palestine and Israel.

Every life is sacred according to all faiths and it is a fundamental human right to live freely and in peace. People in all parts of the world including Gaza and West Bank have this right to live with dignity. Innocent lives should not be violated or destroyed anywhere in the world.

It is for this reason; we call upon Palestinians and Israelis to respect the sanctity of human life. We stand with the families of those who have been the victims of awful atrocities both in Palestine and Israel.

We are asking for humanity and justice. Saying we are pro-Palestine does not mean we are anti-Semitic. The issue is not about valuing one religion, one ethnicity, or one race over another. It’s about valuing Palestinian lives as much as we value Israeli lives.

As we know, Palestinians have lived under occupation for over seventy-five years.

Specifically, people of Gaza have lived under siege for over sixteen years and people of West Bank have been divided into hundreds of ghettos with over five hundred Israeli check points. Illegal settlements have been expanded and Palestinian lives have been subject to humiliation, abuse, and complete disruption. This must end now.

International law prohibits collective punishment on any people. Israel cut off water, energy, and food supply to the 2.2 million people of Gaza thus causing devastating collective suffering which will result in loss of life. This constitutes a clear violation of international law and is a war crime. We categorically condemn Israel for perpetrating war crimes and call upon the international community to stand together against these horrific, inhumane actions.

We wholeheartedly support United Nations resolutions calling upon Israel to return to 1967 borders, and to dismantle all the illegal settlements. We ask the international community to implement international law in all sections of Palestine and Israel.

Justice must be served for all people, regardless of race or religion, so people of all backgrounds can live together in peace and harmony. We all want the killing of innocent lives to stop right now.
Finally, we offer our sincere prayers for justice, peace, and prosperity in the region for all people.

North London Council of Mosques.
October 2023
PDF document is here

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