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Islamic Nikah Services

‘Marriage is half of the deen.’ -Hadith

Mevlana Rumi Mosque also provides a nikah service.

The nikah service is provided for those who would like to be in a halal relationship that follows Islamic guidelines.

The nikah service is not a legal marriage service; therefore those wishing to apply for the nikah service must first register their civil marriage at the local registrar office.

Saturday School

Every Saturday, classes are given to students of all ages as a way of furthering the provision of sound education and authentic teachings of Islam. We provide language classes to pupils of the weekend school to those pupils who wish to learn a language or improve upon their previous knowledge of the language.The


  • Arabic Language Classes

  • Turkish Language Classes
  • Islamic Studies Classes
  • Arts and Nasheed
  • Qur’an Classes


We have a separate page here.

Venue Hire

You can hire venues on the premises of the Mevlana Rumi Mosque for a fixed price.
The Mosque has a spacious lobby area where different social activities can be held. Currently breakfasts and community gatherings are held in this area with tables, chairs, a TV unit and easy access to the prayer hall.
Please contact us if you wish to hire a venue and enquire about hiring costs and price through this number:


Mosque Visit

Mevlana Rumi Mosque hosts visits from local schools as part of the RE curriculum, to introduce pupils to the mosque and its functions and as a general introduction to Islamic worship. These visits are free of charge, however, it is highly adviced to book in your visit in advance, ideally a month before your visit to ensure availability.

Contact us if you wish to arrange a mosque visit through this number:


Reading Club

Reading Clubs are another type of activity held at Mevlana Rumi Mosque. This includes Islamic circles, where Islamic works are discussed with the help of a facilitator. Dates and times vary throughout the year, with different Islamic scholars taking part to facilitate discussion and to provide authentic interpretations.

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