Mosque Open Day 18 February 2018

//Mosque Open Day 18 February 2018

Mosque Open Day 18 February 2018

Since 2017, Mevlana Rumi mosque participates the #VisitMyMosque day which is organised by Muslim Council of Britain. It is a nationwide initiative where over 200 mosques across UK take part in it. This year the #VisitMyMosque day took place on 18 February and opened the doors to our friends from diverse faith groups, neighbours and local communities. Our event started with a welcome speech and continued with adhan (call to prayer). Our guests observed the prayer and later Mr Fatih Kahraman explained each action of the prayer, wudhu (ablution) demonstration and the architecture of the mosque. Furthermore, our guests enjoyed the Quran recitation of our Sheik Abdul Qadir whereas Dr Sener interpreted the translation of the Verses. Afterwards, Dr Sener talked about the services and activities which our mosque provides for the community.

Besides the demonstrations of religion activities, we presented Islamic art to our visitors. One of our volunteer is a professional Ebru (Marbling) painter.

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