18 April Friendship Dinner

//18 April Friendship Dinner

18 April Friendship Dinner

Mevlana Rumi Mosque and Community Centre organised a ‘Friendship Dinner’ with the help of Dialogue Studies MA students currently on a work placement at the Dialogue Society for 10 weeks. This year’s theme was ‘Post-Brexit Britain: Communities in Collision or Cohesion’. Given the current climate and tensions both locally and globally, building and maintaining good community relations is even more paramount.

The purpose of friendship dinners is to bring people together and promote interaction and friendship between different groups within the local community. Sharing food is a wonderful way to promote interaction and friendship between people regardless of faith, culture, occupation or political outlook. The dinner is designed to motivate individuals and community groups to engage in dialogue through an event combining a friendly shared meal with an element of constructive community discussion. The MA students and the mosque staff put considerable effort into the friendship meal, and all our guests were very constructive in their feedback. We would like to thank everyone who took part in this event.

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