New Enfield Domestic Abuse Hub and Free-phone

//New Enfield Domestic Abuse Hub and Free-phone

New Enfield Domestic Abuse Hub and Free-phone

Go Live 1st May 2020  –  Both the Hub and the Helpline are operational 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday


Domestic abuse is every-one’s responsibility and all services must continue to promote awareness and understanding, responding and supporting accordingly. Developing a multiagency hub with a dedicated free-phone telephone line will:

  • Support and enhance the current delivery
  • Increase safe opportunities for those most in need to make contact
  • Offer a joined up holistic whole Council response to domestic abuse
  • Respond to concerns quickly to reduce risks to and ensure safety of children and vulnerable adults

The Domestic Abuse Hub does not replace either the Early Help Family Hub, Children’s or Adult’s Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs but will be linking closely to them both with key link professionals in place. Please see attached document for more information.

Always dial 999 if an ambulance or Police are required.

Enfield domestic abuse helpline toolkit

Your organisation can help to support those in need of help by promoting the helpline.

Free Phone 0800 923 9009

We have included an easy to use toolkit for your organisation to use and this include a range of images – key messages and links as follows:

Key messages to send out with visuals

  • In a relationship, violence, threats and controlling behaviour are all signs of domestic abuse. Don’t be afraid to call us for help and support. Domestic abuse is a crime.
  • We know this is a worrying and difficult time for everyone – but particularly so for adults and children living with abuse. If you are currently experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse, call us, we are here to help you. Domestic abuse is not okay and is a crime.
  • The Domestic abuse Hub will provide a multi-agency response to anyone fleeing domestic abuse. There will be a dedicated free telephone number and a specialist team to ensure no one is turned away and support is there for anyone in need.
  • Domestic abuse remains a hidden problem in our society which has a massive impact on those effected and their families. Domestic abuse happens across all communities, faiths and cultures. Don’t be afraid to report it. Call us.
  • We would like to reassure you that we will be doing all that we can to support you during this challenging time now and in the future. Call us, domestic abuse is a crime.
  • Being in isolation doesn’t mean you’re on your own. We can support you #enfieldCallUs

Accompanying visuals (please see attached)

  • A4 portrait poster – this can be printed and displayed or used in conjunction with any emails or newsletters your organisation sends out electronically
  • Social Media Cards – For use on Facebook or Twitter posts
  • Email signature banner – Add this to the end of your regular emails so that your users and partners will have access to the information when you communicate with them
  • Instagram square – sized specifically for use on Instagram

Where appropriate please include the hashtag #enfieldCallUs on your social media posts – not only with the domestic abuse marketing visuals but, where appropriate, with posts you send out about the other help and support your organisation offers. This will help promote the service and hopefully make the helpline number known to a wider audience. 

We also have a dedicated domestic abuse page on our website where you can find out more about the helpline and other issues relating to domestic abuse ,as well a dedicated email platform as another channel for victims of abuse (or friends / family) to access help and support

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs

The Domestic Abuse Helpline does not replace either the Children’s or Adult’s Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs but will be linking closely to them both with key link professionals in place. Reporting into child protection and safeguarding adults’ processes will continue as normal with this process adding an additional support and opportunity for services to work together.

Referrals to the Children’s MASH and Family Support services should go through the online portal.

If you have a child safeguarding concern that can’t wait for a referral form, you should call the Children’s MASH on 020 8379 5555.

If you are concerned about an adult experiencing domestic abuse, then you can refer them to the Domestic Abuse Hub or sign-post them. Adults with disabilities of any kind (including age related frailty) are sadly twice as likely (as the general population) to be subject to domestic abuse in any given year. If you think that an adult you’ve identified (or anyone within their household/ related to the situation) has other care and support needs, then you can refer via the attached numbers.

To report abuse of an adult with care and support needs, Monday to Friday during working hours, you can ring Enfield Council and speak to the Adult Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub:

Tel: 020 8379 3196

Or e-mail

We also have a dedicated phone line (to take reports) which is available day or night:

Tel: 020 8379 5212

To report abuse in Enfield from a textphone

Tel: 18001 020 8379 5212

Please note that these are not emergency services – always dial 999 if an ambulance or Police are required.

If you believe an adult needs support from carers or occupational therapy on a non-urgent basis then please call the Enfield Single Point of Access on: 0208 379 1001

Or e-mail

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